Caro (pr. care-oh) is usually used as a short form of Caroline or Carolyn or any names beginning with caro-, both of which derive from Germanic Karl from Proto-Germanic *karilaz meaning “free man”, used to refer to men who were not thralls or servants but who still lived at the bottom of society so it connotes the idea of a free man. Caro may also be a variant of Carus, an Ancient Roman name meaning “dear, beloved; expensive” and is an Italian and Spanish word derived from Latin. It comes from Proto-Italic *kāros (dear, beloved; expensive) via Proto-Indo-European *keh₂- (to desire; wish). Caro is also a Latin word meaning “meat, flesh; pulp of a fruit; body” derived from a PIE root word

Origin: Proto-Germanic, Proto-Indo-European



  • Karo (English) u
  • Cara (English) f


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