Ancient Germanic, Color, Earth, Elements, Female, German/Germanic, Greek, Nature, Violet/Purple, Virtues/Attributes, Y names


Yolanda is the Spanish form of French Yolande which seems to be possibly influenced from Greek Iolanthe meaning “violet flower” from Greek elements iole (violet) and anthos (flower), though it’s just as likely that it’s derived from Violante derived from Latin viola meaning “violet”. Yolanda could also be Germanic in origin, perhaps deriving from Old Germanic iv (yew) and landa (land) meaning “yew land”.

Origin: Greek, Old Germanic



  • Yolande (French)
  • Iolanda (Portuguese, Italian, Romanian)
  • Jolanda (Dutch, Slovene, Croatian, Italian)
  • Jolanta (Polish, Lithuanian)
  • Jolana (Czech, Slovak)
  • Yolonda (English)
  • Violante (Late Roman, Italian)
  • Iolanthe (Greek)



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