Kaya is a given name with a variety of meanings and origins such as:

  • it’s a Malay word meaning “wealthy” and “rich, affluent”;
  • Kaya is a Turkish male name meaning “rock” as well as a Turkish surname derived from the same origin as the given name;
  • Kaya could also be an elaborate form of Kay, either a short form of names beginning with the letter such as Katherine, or Kay may also be a variant spelling of Cai, the Welsh form of Kay, possibly derived from Gaius, a Roman given name of uncertain meaning though it’s been linked to Latin gaudere meaning “to rejoice” though it may also be derived from an older Etruscan source of unknown meaning;
  • kāya is also a Sanskrit word meaning “body”;
  • Kaya is also the name of a sacred forest in Kenya although I couldn’t find the exact meaning behind the name;
  • Kaya could also be a variant spelling of Kaia, the Norwegian and Estonian short form of Katarina/Katariina, deriving from Katherine, the English form of Greek Aikaterine though the etymology behind the name is not certain. It could be derived from another Greek name, Hekaterine from hekateros meaning “each of the two” or from Hecate, the name of the Greek goddess of witchcraft, the underworld, and crossroads, from hekas possibly meaning “far off” though another theory states it comes from a Greek word meaning “will”. It might also be derived from Greek aikia “torture”. Katherine could also be from a Coptic name meaning “my consecration of your name”. The spelling of the name was later changed to be associated with Greek katharos “pure”.

Kaya is also a Japanese unisex name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used such as:

  • “flower; splendor + to be” (華也);
  • “beautiful; good, excellent + all the more; increasingly” (佳弥);
  • “used phonetically + night; evening” (迦夜); *
  • “add; addition; increase; Canada + eight” ( 加八); *
  • “add; addition; increase; Canada + how; what; question mark” (加哉); *
  • “passable; can + to be” (可也); *
  • Kaya is also the name of the Japanese nutmeg-yew (榧), also known by its scientific name Torreya nucifera, and written with the hiragana カヤ.

The names with the * symbols are specifically used for men (at least I believe so).

Kaya as a given name is written with the hiragana かや.Kaya is also a Japanese surname meaning “applaud; praise + roof, dwelling, house” (嘉屋), “appalud; praise + ecstasy; joy; rapture” (嘉悦), or other possible meanings.

Origin: Malay, Turkish, Sanskrit, Japanese, Coptic, Greek



  • Kaia (Norwegian, Estonian)


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