Pier is the Italian and Dutch masculine form of Peter meaning “stone” from Greek petros. In Italian, Pier is usually used in conjunction with another name, like Piermario or Pierluigi. Pier is also a surname, likely derived from Peter, but I’ve also seen it listed as being Dutch or Middle Low German meaning “worm, earthworm”. Pier is also an English word used to refer to a raised walkway over the water supported by piles or pillars.

Origin: Greek, Dutch



  • Piers (English)
  • Piero (Italian)
  • Pietro (Italian)
  • Peter
  • Pieter (Dutch)
  • Pierino (Italian diminutive of Piero)
Feminine forms:
  • Piera (Italian)
  • Pietra (Italian)
  • Pierina (Italian diminutive of Piera)


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