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Drew is used as a short form of Andrewwhich is the English form of Greek male name Andreas, derived from Greek andreios meaning “manly, masculine”. It’s also the anglicized form of Drogo, itself an Ancient Germanic personal name either derived from Gothic meaning “to bear”, “to carry” or from an Old Saxon root meaning “ghost” or “phantom”. Drew is also a surname deriving from the origin above, but it may also have come about as a nickname from Old French dru meaning “favorite” or “lover” which may have deirved from Gaulish druto (strong, vigorous, lively) but influenced by Old High German drut, trut (dear, beloved); Drew is also an anglicized form of Gaelic surname Ó Druaidh “descendant of the druid”. It may also derive from a place name in France, Dreux, the name coming from a Celtic tribe that lived in the area, the Durocasses or Durocassium. 

Origin: Ancient Greek, Gothic, Ancient Germanic, Gaulish, Gaelic



  • Dru (English)


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