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Messalina is an Ancient Roman cognomen, the feminine form of Messalla which may have been a corruption of Messanathe name of a city in Sicily (better known as Messina) which seems to have received its name from an ancient Greek town, Messene. Though the etymology behind the name is unknown, it has been linked to Greek mesos meaning “middle”. Messalina is also a surname derived from the given name. Valeria Messalina is probably the most famous figure with the name, the third wife of Emperor Claudius and a Roman empress who seems to have been sexually voracious and ruthless, and who met a violent end when she conspired to overthrow her husband with her lover.

Origin: Greek (?)



  • Messallina (Ancient Roman, English)
  • Messaline (French)- as well as being the French form of Messalina, messaline is also a French word for a thin silk fabric with a twill or satin weave.


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