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Leland comes from an English surname deriving from a place name in England meaning “fallow land” or “untilled land” from Old English læge (fallow, untilled) and land (land) which comes from Proto-Germanic *landą (land) deriving from Proto-Indo-European *lendh- (2) (land, heath). Leland is also a surname deriving from the given name, though it’s also a shortened form of McClellan or McLelland, both an anglicized form of Irish surname Mac Giolla Fhaoláin meaning “son of the servant of  (Saint) Faolán”, Faolán a diminutive form of faol meaning “wolf”.

Nicknames: Lee

Origin: Old English, Proto-Indo-European, Gaelic



  • Leeland (English)
  • Leyland (English)


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