Nausicaa is an Ancient Greek female name meaning “burner of ships” from Ancient Greek naûs (ship) deriving from Proto-Indo-European *néh₂us (boat) and kaío (to burn, kindle), which may also be derived from a PIE source though the exact origin of the word is unknown. Nausicaa features in Homer’s Odyssey as a princess of Phaeacia who helps a shipwrecked Odysseus by directing him to go straight to her father’s palace and talking to her mother. Nausicaa is portrayed as being very hospitable to Odysseus and there are even hints of them developing deep feelings for each other though nothing ever happened between them. It seems that Nausicaa later married his son Telemachus. Manga and Anime enthusiasts will recognize this name from the science-fiction film Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind; apparently she was named and based after the same princess from Greek myth.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Nausikaa (Ancient Greek)
  • Nausicäa (Ancient Greek)
  • Nausícaa (Portuguese, Spanish)
  • Nausica (Catalan, Italian)


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