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Elana is a female given name with several possible origins:

  • it could be a variant spelling of Ilana, which is the feminine form of Ilan, a Hebrew male name meaning “tree”, though it could also be a feminine form of Elon, another Hebrew male name meaning “tree, oak tree”;
  • Elana could also be a variant form of Helena, the Latinate form of Helen, the English form of Helene, an Ancient Greek name of uncertain etymology though it’s been linked to Greek helene meaning “torch” or “corposant”, though it might also be linked to selene meaning “moon”;
  • it could also be an elaborate form of Elan, a Welsh female name meaning “doe, fawn” from Proto-Celtic *elan(t)- (doe; hind). In Welsh myth, she is one of the daughters of the Welsh mother goddess Dôn;
  • the name may also be derived from French word élan meaning “momentum, spirit, ardor” from élancer (to dash forward). Elan is also a Romanian word meaning “moose, elk” and “live” in Estonian.
  • it’s just as possible that Elana could be a variant spelling of Alanathe feminine form of Alan, a name of uncertain etymology which may possibly mean “little rock” or “noble” from Old Irish ail. It also means “beautiful, handsome” from Scottish Gaelic àlainn (beautiful, fine, splendid). Alan may also be derived from the name of a Celtic god, Alaunus, which may be derived from Proto-Celtic *aleti meaning “to nourish, grow” from Proto-Indo-European root word *h₂el- (to grow, nourish).

Origin: Hebrew, Ancient Greek, Proto-Celtic, French, Gaulish,



  • Elan (Medieval Irish, Welsh, English)
  • Ilana (Hebrew)
  • Ilanit (Hebrew)
  • Elona (Hebrew)
  • Alona (Hebrew)
  • Elanna (English)


Male forms:

  • Ilan (Hebrew)
  • Elon (Hebrew)
  • Elan (Hebrew, English)



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