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Joyce was originally a masculine name before becoming more popular for women. It derives from medieval masculine name Josse, the Old French form of Latin Iudocus which comes from Breton Judoc meaning “little lord” from Breton iudh (lord, chief, king) with the diminutive suffix -an. It derives from a Proto-Indo-European source. It later became associated with the Middle English word joise meaning “to rejoice”. Joyce is also a surname derived from the given name.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European


Female forms:

  • Jocosa (Middle English)
  • Joisse (English)


Male forms:

  • Judoc (Breton, Ancient Celtic)
  • Jodoc (Breton)
  • Judocus (Dutch, Ancient Celtic)
  • Jodocus (Dutch, Ancient Celtic)
  • Iudocus (Latinized Ancient Celtic)
  • Iodocus (Latinized Ancient Celtic)
  • Joost (Dutch)
  • Josse (French, Medieval French)
  • Jost (German)
  • Jošt (Slovene)



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