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Laurence is an English male name deriving from Roman cognomen Laurentius meaning “from Laurentum”, Laurentum being an ancient city in Italy most likely derived from Latin laurus meaning “laurel”; it’s also a French female name also deriving from Laurentius. It derives from Ancient Greek daphne (laurel, bay), likely coming from a much older source; the letters changed from d- to l- due to a change in dialect. Laurence is also a surname deriving from the given name.

Origin: Ancient Greek


Male forms:

  • Lawrence (English)
  • Laurentius (Ancient Roman)
  • Llorenç (Catalan)
  • Lovrenco (Croatian)
  • Vavřinec (Czech)
  • Lars (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, German)
  • Lorens (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish)
  • Laurits (Danish, Norwegian)
  • Lauritz (Danish, Norwegian)
  • Laurens (Dutch)
  • Lourens (Frisian, Dutch)
  • Lari (Finnish diminutive of Laurence)
  • Lauri (Finnish)
  • Laurent (French)
  • Laurenz (German)
  • Lorenz (German)
  • Lenz (German short form of Lorenz)
  • Lavrentios (Greek)
  • Lőrinc (Hungarian)
  • Lárus (Icelandic)
  • Labhrás (Irish)
  • Lorenzo (Italian, Spanish)
  • Loris (Italian diminutive of Lorenzo)
  • Laurynas (Lithuanian)
  • Larkin (Medieval English diminutive of Laurence)
  • Lorencio (Medieval Spanish)
  • Wawrzyniec (Polish)
  • Lourenço (Portuguese)
  • Laurențiu (Romanian)
  • Lavrenti (Russian)
  • Lavrentiy (Russian)
  • Lavrenty (Russian)
  • Labhrainn (Scottish)
  • Vavrinec (Slovak)
  • Lovrenc (Slovene)
  • Loren (English short form of Laurence)
  • Lorin (English)


Female forms:

  • Laurentia (Ancient Roman)
  • Lorenza (Italian, Spanish)
  • Laurencia (English)
  • Lauren (English)
  • Lauryn (English)
  • Loren (English short form of Laurence)
  • Lorena (English)
  • Laurena (English)


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