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Llewelyn comes from Welsh Llywelyn, a name of uncertain meaning though it could be the Welsh form of Celtic Lugubelenus, a combination of two names: Lugus and Belenus; Lugus is a Celtic god of commerce and craftsmanship who was equated with the Roman god Mercury. Though the exact origin of his name is unknown, it has been linked to Proto-Indo-European *leug- (black), leuk- “to shine”, and Proto-Celtic *lug- (oath). Belenus is also a Celtic sun god (equated with Apollo) whose name possibly means “bright” or “shining”. It may also be derived from Welsh llyw meaning “leader” or llew meaning “lion” from Proto-Brythonic *lew (lion) derived from Latin leo from an Ancient Greek source. Llewellyn is also a surname derived from the given name. In Welsh, the double ll is pronounced like a shl which is why there are so many variations of the name in English.

Nicknames: Llew (also used as a name independent of Llewellyn, likely based on llew (lion)

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Proto-Celtic, Welsh, Ancient Greek



  • Llywelyn (Welsh)
  • Llewelyn (Welsh)
  • Llywellyn (Welsh)
  • Leolin (Welsh) anglicized form of Llewellyn
  • Leoline (Welsh)
  • Lewellyn (English)
  • Fluellen (Welsh)- anglicized form of Llewellyn


Female forms:

  • Llewella (Welsh)
  • Lewella (Welsh)
  • Luella (English, Welsh)
  • Louella (English, Welsh)



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