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Vida is a Spanish and Portuguese word meaning “life” as well as the Slovene feminine form of Vitus, a Roman name which derives from Latin vita (life) from Proto-Indo-European *gʷeyh₃- (to live). Vida could also be the Slovene feminine form of Wido which comes from an Ancient Germanic element witu “wood” or wid “wide”. Vida is also a Hungarian male name, also the Hungarian form of Wido and Vitus. Vida is also a Persian female name (ويدا) meaning “visible”, “apparent”, “prominent” as well as being a short form of Davida, a feminine form of David, a Hebrew male name meaning “beloved”. Vida is also a Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Hungarian surname which derives from the Latin source.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Ancient Germanic, Persian, Hebrew


Female forms:

  • Vita (Ancient Roman, Italian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Danish)


Male forms:

  • Vid (Slovene, Croatian, Hungarian)
  • Wido (Ancient Germanic)
  • Vitus (Ancient Roman)
  • Vito (Italian, Spanish)
  • Vít (Czech, Slovak)
  • Guy (English, French)
  • Wide (Frisian)
  • Guido (Italian, German)
  • Veit (German)
  • Gvidas (Lithuanian)
  • Wit (Polish)



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