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Tamas is the anglicized form of Tamás (pr. taw-mash), the Hungarian form of Thomas, the Greek form of Aramaic name Ta’oma meaning “twin”. Tamas is also a philosophical concept in Hindu philosophy which derives from Sanskrit meaning “darkness” which comes from a PIE root word *temH- (dark). It is one of the three gunas (translated as “quality”, it refers to three principles or tendencies that are everywhere in the universe and in people that are: sattva (good, divine, balance, creative, and spiritual,) rajas (active, excitable, passionate), and tamas (inert, resistence, dark, destructive, disorder, lethargy, chaos).

Nicknames: Tomi is a diminutive of Tamás 

Origin: Aramaic, Sanskrit



  • Tamás (Hungarian)
  • Thomas (English, French, Dutch, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Greek)



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