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Saya is a Japanese female name with a variety of meanings  depending on the kanji used such as:

  • “sand + question mark” (沙耶);
  • “sheath, scabbard” ()- it’s a Japanese term referring to a sheath/scabbard for a sword;
  • “little; small + night; evening”;
  • “early; fast + dart; arrow” (早矢);
  • “gauze; gossamer + design; figured cloth; twill” (紗綾);
  • “sand + design; figured cloth; twill” (沙綾);
  • “steep; craggy; rugged + coloring; paint; makeup” (嵯彩);
  • “sand + Asia; rank next; come after + to be” (沙亜也);
  • “fork (in the road); cross + Asia; rank next; come after + all the more; increasingly” (叉亜弥);
  • “sand + Asia; rank next; come after + all the more; increasingly” (沙亜弥);
  • “sand + apricot + to be” (沙杏也);
  • “sand + character, literature; style; art; decoration; figures; plans” (沙文);
  • “polish + rank; follow + open country; field; wilderness” (瑳亞埜);

Saya written in hiragana is さや while Saaya is さあや.

Saya is also a Hindi female name which comes from the word meaning “shade, shadow”, derived from Persian sâye سایه (shadow) which derives from a PIE root word; it’s also an Italian surname, a variant spelling of Saia which seems to have developed as a short form of personal names Isaia (the Italian form of Isaiah meaning “Yahweh is salvation”) or Osaia (the Italian form of Hosea, also a Hebrew male name meaning “salvation”).

Saya is also a Burmese male name and word deriving from an honorific meaning “master” or “teacher”, as well as also being a Spanish, Portuguese, and Galician word meaning “skirt” which derives from Latin sagum, sagus referring to a a military cloak worn by Ancient Gauls and Romans derived from Ancient Greek ságos (cloak, habit) which may be derived from an unknown source, perhaps Gaulish in origin.

Origin: Japanese, Proto-Indo-Eurppean, Hebrew, Burmese



  • Saaya (Japanese, Hindi)
  • Saia (Portuguese, Galician, Italian)



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