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Raven is the name of several bird species belonging to the genus Corvus notable for their black plumage and loud, croaking calls. The raven has a long history of symbolism in various cultures and mythologies such as being the symbol of the Greek god Apollo and the Norse god Odin who is always depicted with two ravens- Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory) who fly all over the world and bring him news, and is seen as a trickster god of the indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest Coast; and much more. The name comes from Old English hræfn (raven) from Proto-Germanic *hrabnaz derived from a Proto-Indo-European *ḱorh₂-, imitative of the harsh sounds. Raven is also used as a color for something that is black and shiny, as well as also being a verb meaning “to seek or seize prey, to consume greedily”. The origin of that word comes from Old French raviner (rush, seize by force) which derives from Latin rapina (robbery, plunder, booty, pillage) which derives from PIE *rep- (to snatch).

Raven is also an English surname which originated as a personal name from Old Norse Hrafnthough it could also have originated as a nickname for someone who had a thieving nature or had dark hair.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Rayven (English)
  • Rayvin (English)
  • Raeven (English)
  • Ravin (English)
  • Ravenna (English)


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