Noah is a Hebrew unisex name with different meanings in Hebrew. As a male name it means “rest, comfort” from Noach (נוֹחַ) while as a female name it means “motion” No’ah from (נוֹעָה). Noah is also a surname derived from the given name, though it could also be a variant spelling of Noar, a topographical name for someone who lived near a shore, a steep bank, or a cliff from Old English nore. It comes from Middle English atten ore meaning “at the bank or steep slope”.

Origin: Hebrew, Old English


Male forms:

  • Noe (Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek)
  • Nuh (Arabic, Turkish)
  • Noach (Hebrew, Dutch)
  • Nooa (Finnish)
  • Noé (French, Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Noè (Italian)
  • Nojus (Lithuanian)
  • Noak (Swedish)


Female forms:

  • No’ah (Hebrew)
  • Noa (Hebrew)


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