Arvin has three possible etymologies and meanings:

  • the first is that is a variant transcription of Arvind, an Indian male name meaning “lotus” from Sanskrit aravinda;
  • Arvin could be a variant of Irvin, an English surname which would either be a variant of Irwin meaning “boar friend” from a Proto–Indo-European source; or it could be a variant of Irving, a Scottish surname meaning “green water” from Welsh ir, yr (green) and afon (water), both of which come from a Proto-Celtic root from a PIE source;
  • Arvin could also be a variant spelling of Ervin, the Hungarian and Croatian form of Erwin, a Germanic male name meaning “army friend” from Germanic elements hari (army) and win (friend), both of which derive from a PIE source as well.

Arvin is also a surname originating from the given name Irvin.

Origin: Sanskrit, Proto-Indo-European



  • Irvin (English)
  • Irwin (English)
  • Ervin (Hungarian, Croatian)
  • Erwin (German, Dutch, Ancient Germanic)
  • Arvind (Indian)
  • Aravind (Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil)
  • Aravinda (Indian, Kannada)
  • Arabinda (Indian, Bengali, Odia)
  • Aurobindo (Indian, Belgali, Odia)


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