Dougray is a male name which seems to have originated as a French surname. It could be a variant form of Dugarry, a French surname referring to someone from a town called Le Garry, or perhaps from another habitational surname, Duguay, referring to someone from a place called Dugay.  I’ve also seen it as possibly being related to a French masculine name, Degaré, from French égaré, meaning “strayed, lost” (derived from a Frankish and PIE source) but I can’t verifiy the accuracy of that. I’ve also seen it listed as being a hybrid of Douglasthe first part of the name coming from Irish dubh (black) which derives from a PIE root; and Raymond, from which the first part of the name comes from Germanic ragin (advice, counsel) from Proto-Germanic *raginą (advice, counsel); so the name would effectively mean “dark counsel” although that may be a stretch. The most well-known bearer of the name is Scottish actor Dougray Scott; Dougray is actually his middle name which he received from his grandmother’s maiden name and she was French.

Nicknames: Doug, Ray, Gray

Origin: Frankish, Proto-Indo-European, Proto-Germanic



  • Dougary (English)


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