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Gordan, Gordon

Gordan originates from South Slavic  gord meaning “dignified” or”proud” from Proto-Slavic good. The name is pronounced gor-dahn. Spelled Gordon (pr. gor-den)it’s a Scottish surname derived from a place name meaning “spacious fort” from Welsh elements gor (spacious) and din (fort) though it may also come from Old English meaning “mud hill” or “dirty hill”. Another possible etymology of Gordon is from Gallo-Roman personal name Gordus with the locational suffix -on. Gordus could be a variant of Gordianus which is from Latin meaning “of Gordium”, Gordium being the name of a city in Ancient Phrygia in what is now modern day Turkey. It comes from given name Gordias, from which the city received its name, of unknown meaning.

Gordan and Gordon are also surnames derived from the given name, though Gordan also seems to be a Persian surname as well which seems to mean “battalion” and “winch” (also spelled Gardan and Kardan).

Nicknames for Gordon are Gord, Gordo, and Gordy/Gordie while Danko is the Croatian and Serbian diminutive of Gordan.

Origin: Slavic, Welsh, Old English, Latin, Persian



  • Gorden (English)
  • Gordin (English)


Female forms:

  • Gordana (Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian)


1 thought on “Gordan, Gordon”

  1. I believe that Gordon means Son of Gord. Gord is how we would write Kurd using the Latin alphabet. Kurd is pronounced Gord but the alphabet used locally at this time does not include a G. Kurd in Iranian means an Iranian who herds or follows the herds. Because he follows the herds he lives in a tent which they called a ger. Some came to be known as Germans. Iranian speaking folks followed the herds the full length of the steppes into the Yellow River area of China & Mongolia and to the far reaches of Ireland.


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