Malcolm is a male name, the anglicized form of Scottish Máel Coluim meaning “servant of St. Columba”, referring to someone who followed Irish abbot and missionary St. Columba who spread Christianity into Scotland. Máel means “servant, devout follower” when combined with a name element (as a word it also means “bald, shaved, tonsured”) combined with given name Coluim, the Gaelic form of Columba, a unisex name derived from Late Roman meaning “dove” which derives from Ancient Greek kolumbáō (dive, plunge headlong). Malcolm is also a surname derived from the given name. Malcolm features as a character in Shakespeare’s Macbeth (1603-1607) who based him on a real Scottish king, Malcolm III of Scotland (1031-1093).

Origin: Irish, Ancient Greek



  • Máel Coluim (Scottish)


Female forms:

  • Malina (Scottish)


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