Belakayne is a female given name, a variant spelling of Belacane, the name of an African queen who features in the medieval German romance poem Parzival by Wolfram von Eschenbach based on the Arthurian legends. She is the mother of Parzival’s half-brother Feirefis/Feirefiz through their father Gahmuret. I don’t know from where Eschenbach based the name from. I’ve seen one source list it as being based on the word Pelican (they do sound similar) which was used as a symbol for Christ; apparently, even though Belacane was not a Christian she had all the virtues of one. The first part of the name also sounds like “bella”, the Italian word for “beautiful” which derives from Latin bellus, though whether or not Eschenbach was inspired by that I can’t say. In modern times, Belacane could be considered a combination of Bella and Cane, referring to the tall grass that grows in damp soil. It comes from Latin canna (reed, cane) from Ancient Greek kánnā which derives from an Akkadian root. 



  • Belacane
  • Belakane


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