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Camber is the name of the legendary first king of Cambria, which is the Latin name for Wales. The name comes from Welsh Cymro, the plural form of Cymry meaning “Welshman” or “compatriot” from Proto-Brythonic *kumroɣ. Camber is also a word that refers to a slight upward curve or arch of a surface. The origin of that word comes from Old French cambre (bent) from Latin camur (curved, bent, crooked) which derives from PIE *kh₂em- (to bend, to curve). Camber is also a surname, a variant form of Comer, an Old English occupational surname meaning “comb” referring to someone who combed wool to prepare it for spinning, or to someone who made and sold combs for a living. The name comes from Old English camb (comb) from Proto-Germanic *kambaz derived from PIE *ǵómbʰos (tooth) from root word *gembh- (to bite; tooth, nail).

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Cambria



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