Truman comes from an English surname meaning “trusty man, faithful man” from Middle English trewe (true) via Old English treow (truth, fidelity) which comes from Proto-Germanic *triwwiz (true, faithful) from PIE *drew-, *deru- (firm, hard, solid, steadfast); combined with man from Proto-Germanic *mann (man) from PIE *mon- (man, human being). It may have originated as a nickname for someone who was an honest or faithful man. Truman is also a locational surname for someone who came from a Latvian village, called Trumany in Russia though I can’t find the source of the name. Truman could also be a variant of Trautmann, originally a German personal name meaning “beloved man” from Old High German trut (beloved, dear) + mann (man); the first part of the name may also be derived from Germanic thrud meaning “strength” from Old Norse thrudr (divine being).

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Trueman (English)


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