Hebrew, Male, R names, Virtues/Attributes


Raffaello is the Italian form of Raphael, which comes from Hebrew Rafa’el meaning “God has healed”.

Origin: Hebrew



  • Raffaele (Italian)
  • Raffaellino (Italian)
  • Raphael (English, German)
  • Raffael (German)
  • Rafael (Spanish, Portuguese, German, Hungarian, Slovene)
  • Rafaël (Dutch)
  • Raphaël (French)
  • Rafał (Polish)
  • Rafail (Greek, Russian)
  • Rafa’el (Biblical Hebrew)


Female forms:

  • Raffaella (Italian)
  • Raphaela (German, English)
  • Raffaela (German)
  • Rafaela (Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Raphaëlle (French)


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