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Mercutio was the name of a character in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (1597), portrayed as the close friend of Romeo who was neither Montague nor Capulet. He is portrayed as being given to sudden outbursts and a moody temperament, hence his name, related to the word mercurial, referring to someone with a changeable, fickle, or spirited nature. It derives from Mercury, the name of the Roman god of trade, commerce, merchants, and travelers, based on the Greek god Hermes. His name derives from Latin mercari meaning “to trade” from merx (merchandise, commodity; goods), which could be derived from Proto-Italic *merk- via a Etruscan source referring to various aspects of economics; or it could be derived from PIE *merĝ- (boundary, border).

Origin: Etruscan, Proto-Indo-European



  • Mercury
  • Mercurius (Latin)
  • Mercurino (Italian)
  • Mercurio (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese)


Female forms:

  • Mercuria (Latin)


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