Selene (pr. se-lee-nee or sel-een in English) is the goddess of the moon in Greek mythology, the sister of Helios and Eos, goddess of the dawn. Much like Helios, she also drove a chariot across the sky every night. Selene fell in love with a mortal named Endymion who is often depicted as a shepherd though other versions portray him as a prince or king. She asked Zeus to give him eternal youth and he agreed, putting him in an eternal slumber where he was laid out in a cave on Mt. Latmus, visited by Selene every night with whom she apparently had fifty daughters by him. Selene’s name means “moon” which may be derived from Ancient Greek selas (light, brightness), which derives from an unknown source. Selene has sometimes been identified with Artemiswho was also associated with the moon. In Roman mythology, her counterpart is Luna.

Origin: Ancient Greek



  • Selena (Latinized Ancient Greek, Spanish, Russian)
  • Séléné (French)
  • Sélène (French)
  • Selina (English)
  • Celena (English)
  • Celina (English)
  • Seleen (English)
  • Selenie (English)


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