Simeon is a male name meaning “he who hears” or “he has heard” derived from Hebrew shama (to hear, listen). It was the name of the second son of Jacob and Leah, given to his mother because she believed God had heard her say that she was not as favored by her husband as her sister Rachel. It’s also a variant of Simon, though the spelling derives from the Old Testament. Simeon is also a surname derived from the given name.

Origin: Hebrew



  • Simon (Hebrew, English, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Dutch, Hungarian, Slovene, Macedonian, Georgian, Biblical Greek)
  • Symeon (Biblical Greek)
  • Shimon (Hebrew)
  • Shimmel (Yiddish diminutive of Shimon)
  • Simone (Italian)
  • Ximun (Basque)
  • Šimun (Croatian)
  • Šimon (Czech, Slovak)
  • Siemen (Dutch, Frisian)
  • Simo (Finnish, Serbian)
  • Simoni (Georgian)
  • Simonas (Lithuanian)
  • Ximeno (medieval Spanish)
  • Szymon (Polish)
  • Simão (Portuguese)
  • Simion (Romanian)
  • Semen (Ukrainian, Russian)
  • Symon (Russian)
  • Semyon (Russian)
  • Simón (Spanish)
  • Simen (Norwegian)


Female forms:

  • Simone (French, English)
  • Simona (Italian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Lithuanian, Slovene)
  • Simonetta (Italian diminutive of Simona)
  • Šimona (Czech)
  • Ximena (Spanish)
  • Jimena (Spanish)
  • Simonette (English)


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