Ovidia is the feminine form of Ovid, the English form of Latin Ovidius, an Ancient Roman family name of uncertain meaning though it could be related to Latin ovis meaning “sheep” derived from a PIE root, or from Latin ovum meaning “egg” which also derives from a PIE root word. Ovidia could also be a variant spelling of Ovedia, which is not only the Norwegian form of Ovidia but is also the Norwegian feminine form of Ove, a modern form of Old Danish Aghi, originally used as a short form of names beginning with Old Norse element ag meaning “edge (of a sword)” or “blade” or agi meaning “awe, terror”.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Old Norse



  • Ovedia (Norwegian)


Male forms:

  • Ovidius (Ancient Roman)
  • Ovid (English)
  • Ovidio (Italian, Spanish)
  • Ovídio (Portuguese)
  • Ovidiu (Romanian)
  • Ofyyd (Welsh)


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