Etruscan, Latin, Male, Surname names, V names, Virtues/Attributes


Virigl comes from Latin Virgilius (originally spelled Vergilius), a name of unknown meaning. The spelling of the name may have been changed to resemble Latin virgo meaning “maid, virgin” or from Latin virga meaning “young shoot” or “twig, rod; wand”, though it’s likely that Virgilius/Vergilius is of Etruscan origin. Virgil is also a surname derived from the given name.

Origin: Latin, Etruscan



  • Vergil (English)
  • Virgilius (Late Roman)
  • Vergilius (Ancient Roman)
  • Virgiliu (Romanian)
  • Virgilio (Italian, Spanish)
  • Virgílio (Portuguese)
  • Virgilijus (Lithuanian)


Female forms:

  • Virgilia (Late Roman, Italian)
  • Virgília (Portuguese)


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