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Everardo is the Spanish form of Everard, the anglicized form of Germanic name Eberhard meaning “wild boar” from Germanic elements ebur (boar, wild) from Proto-Germanic *eburaz which derives from a PIE root; and hard (brave, hardy) which comes from Proto-Germanic *harduz (hard, brave) derived from PIE *kret- (strong, powerful). Everardo is also a Spanish surname derived from the given name.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Everard (English)
  • Everett (English)
  • Everitt (English)
  • Everette (English)
  • Évrard (French)
  • Eberhard (German)
  • Erhard (German)
  • Evert (Low German)


Female forms:

  • Everina (English)


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