Una (pr. oo-na or yoo-na) is a female given name with various possible meanings and origins:

  • it’s an anglicized form of Irish Úna which derives from uan meaning “lamb” from Proto-Celtic *ognos from PIE *h₂egʷnós (lamb);
  • it may also be derived from Latin una, the feminine form of unus meaning “one” though it also means “together, simultaneously”. It derives from Latin unus (one, single; alone) from PIE *óynos (one; single). It was used by Edmund Spenser for his epic poem The Faerie Queen (1590-1596) for a character who represents Truth;
  • Una is also a Welsh word meaning “one”, “unite”, “join”. It also derives from the same PIE root word as Latin unus;
  • Una is also the feminine form of Une, an Old Norse name meaning “to be happy, to enjoy, be content”.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Old Norse



  • Oona (Irish, Finnish)
  • Oonagh (Irish)
  • Úna (Irish)
  • Ùna (Scottish)


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