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Melody refers to a pleasant-sounding succession or arrangement of sounds. It means “singing, chanting” which comes from Middle English melodie via Old French deriving from Latin melōdia, itself derived from Ancient Greek melōidíā (song, singing; chant; music) made up from Ancient Greek melos (song, tune, music) and ōidḗ, a contracted form of aoidḗ (song, ode; legend, tale, story), both of which derive from an unknown etymology. Melody is also a surname of uncertain etymology and meanings. As an English surname it could have originated as a metonymic name for a professional singer or traveling minstrel. It could also been an anglicized form of Gaelic surname Ó Maoiléidigh meaning “descendant of Maoléidigh”, the latter meaning “ugly chief” from maol (bare, old) from Old Irish máel (bald, bare, shaved; it also means slave, servant, devout follower when combined with a name element) derived from Proto-Celtic *maylos; and éidigh (ugly).

Origin: Ancient Greek, Proto-Celtic



  • Melodie (English)
  • Mélody (French)
  • Mélodie (French)
  • Melodia (Latin, English, Spanish, Italian)
  • Melodía (Spanish)
  • Melos (Ancient Greek)


Male forms:

  • Melos (Ancient Greek)


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