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Lola originiated as a diminutive of Dolores, a Spanish female name meaning “sorrows”, taken from the Spanish title La Virgen María de los Dolores meaning “The Virgin Mary of Sorrows”. It’s a word in Tagalog meaning “grandmother”. I’ve also seen it listed as being a short form of Yoruba given names  ending in -lola such as Temilola meaning “wealth is mine”, Omolola possibly meaning “child of wealth”, Adelola meaning “crown of wealth”, or Damilola, a unisex name meaning “given wealth” though it’s also a short form of Oluwadamilola meaning “God has given wealth”; in this case Lola means “wealth” in Yoruba. Lola is also an Uzbek, Tajik, and Afghan female name, a variant of Lala, a Slavic female name meaning “tulip” which derives from a Persian source.

Origin: Spanish, Tagalog, Yoruba, Persian



  • Lolita (Spanish diminutive of Lola)
  • Lolicia (English)
  • Lala (Bulgarian, Uzbek, Tajik, Afghan)
  • Laleh (Persian)
  • Lale (Turkish)



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