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Mervyn is the anglicized form of Merfyn, a Welsh male name of uncertain meaning though several possible meanings attributed to it are:

  • “marrow famous” from Welsh mer (marrow) and myn (eminent);
  • the first element of the name could also possibly be derived from Welsh mawr meaning “large; big; great”;
  • it’s also possible that Mervyn is a variant of Myrddin which is the original Welsh form of Merlin; it means “sea fortress” from Proto-Celtic *mori- (sea) derived from a PIE root; and Welsh din (stronghold, fortress) from Proto-Celtic *dūnom which is also derived from a PIE root.

Mervyn is also a Welsh surname derived from the given name.

Origin: Welsh, Proto-Indo-European



  • Merfyn (Welsh)
  • Mervin (Welsh, English)
  • Marvin (English)
  • Myrddin (Welsh)



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