Dorothea is the feminine form of Dorotheos, an Ancient Greek name meaning “gift of God”, composed from Ancient Greek elements doron (gift) derived from PIE *déh₃rom (gift); and theós (god) also derived from PIE *dʰéh₁s (god; deity) from root *dʰeh₁- (to do, put, place). Theodora is a reverse of Dorothea meaning “God’s gift”.

Nicknames: Dorie/Dory, Thea, Dorina, Dora

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Dorothy (English)
  • Dorthy (English)
  • Dortha (English)
  • Dorotea (Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Croatian)
  • Doroteia (Portuguese)
  • Doroteja (Slovene, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian)
  • Dorota (Czech, Polish, Slovak)
  • Dorothée (French)
  • Dorottya (Hungarian)
  • Dorotėja (Lithuanian)
  • Dorthe (Danish)
  • Dorte (Danish)
  • Dorete (Danish)
  • Dörthe (Low German)
  • Dorotéia (Brazilian Portuguese)


Male forms:

  • Dorotheos (Ancient Greek)
  • Dorotheus (Late Roman)
  • Dorofei (Russian)
  • Dorofey (Russian)



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