Timothy is the English form of Timotheos, a Greek name meaning “honoring God” or “to honor God” from Ancient Greek elements timao (to honor) derived from PIE root *kʷey- (to value, honor); and theos (god) which is also derived from PIE *dʰéh₁s (god; deity) from root *dʰeh₁- (to do, put, place). Timothy is also an English surname derived from the given name.

Nicknames: Tim, Timmy/Timmie

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Timotheos (Greek)
  • Timoteus (Greek)
  • Timotheus (Latin)
  • Timotei (Bulgarian, Romanian)
  • Timo (Dutch, Finnish, German)
  • Timothée (French)
  • Timothé (French)
  • Timoteo (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Timotej (Slovene, Macedonian, Slovak)
  • Timoti (Maori)
  • Tymoteusz (Polish)
  • Timofei, Timofey (Russian)


Female forms:

  • Timothea (Greek)
  • Timotha (English)



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