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Rhodes is the name of an island in Greece with quite a few possible meanings. The first is that it comes from Greek rhódon meaning “rose” which may ultimately be derived from Persian *wrda- (rose), though it may also derive from Proto-Indo-European *wṛdho- meaning “sweetbriar”. It may also be based on Greek rhoíā meaning “pomegranate”. Rhodes may also be pre-Greek in origin, perhaps from Phoenician erod meaning “snake”.

Rhodes is also an English surname derived from a place name for someone who lived in a clearing in the woods. It derives from Old English rod .

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Persian, Phoenician, Old English



  • Rhodus (Latin)
  • Rodi (Italian, Greek)
  • Rodos (Greek)


Female forms:

  • Rhode (Greek, Ancient Greek)
  • Rodi (Italian, Greek)
  • Rhoda (Greek, English)


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