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Tariel is the name of a male character in The Knight in the Panther’s Skin, a Georgian medieval epic poem written in the 12th century by Shota Rustaveli (1160-1220). Tariel is a knight dressed in a panther’s skin, the son of a king in India who fell in love with the princess Nestan-Darejan, but who lost her. He is helped by another knight, Avtandil. I couldn’t find a meaning behind the name in Georgian though the other characters have named based on Persian so perhaps Rustaveli also based Tariel’s name from a Persian source. It may be the Georgian transliteration of Darius which ultimately comes from Persian Dārayavahush meaning “to possess excellence” or “he who holds firm to good” from dâraya (to possess, to hold) and vahu (good).

I’ve also seen Tariel listed as the name of an angel of summer but I don’t know how accurate that is.

Origin: Persian


Female forms:

  • Tarielle (English)
  • Tariela (English)
  • Tariella (English)


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