Shahryar is a Persian male name meaning “lord of the city” and by extension “lord, king, sovereign”, composed from Persian elements shahr (city) and yar (strength, power). It’s the name of the king in 1001 Nights, a collection of Middle Eastern tales with roots to medieval Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Greek, Indian, and Jewish sources. In the tales, he finds out that his wife has been unfaithful to him and has her executed though the incident has him convinced that women cannot be trusted. So every night for three years he marries a new bride and has her executed by dawn until he marries his vizier’s daughter Shahrazad, who manages to save her life by telling him a story every night, stopping at the best part and forcing Shahryar to spare her life for another day, until three years have passed and Shahrazad has finished. By that time he’s fallen in love with her and they seem to live happily in the end.

Origin: Persian



  • Shahriyar (Persian)
  • Shahriar (Persian)
  • Shariar (Persian)


Shahryar- شهریار (Persian)


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