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Toyoko is a Japanese female name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used:

  •  toyo 豊 (lush, abundant, bountiful, plenty) + ko (child) 子;
  • to  (rabbit, hare) + yo 与 (bestow, impart, participate in, award) + ko 子 (child);
  • to 外 (outside, foreign, other) + yo 世 (generation, age, world, society, public) + ko 子 child);
  • toyo 豊 (lush, abundant, bountiful, plenty) + ko 湖 (lake);
  • to 富 (wealth, enrich, abundant) + yo 世 (generation, age, world, society, public) + ko 子 (child);
  • to刀 (single edged sword; saber, knife) + yo 洋 (ocean) +ko 子 (child).

There are likely other meanings as well. Written in hiragana it’s とよこ.

Tōyoko (東横) is also the name of a major railway line that connects cities Tokyo and Yokohama together; the name is made up from the first kanji of each city’s name.

Origin: Japanese




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