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Dove is the name of a bird hat symbolizes peace and innocence. It comes from Old English *dūfe (dove; pigeon) from Proto-Germanic *dūbǭ. It may be derived from a PIE root word either relating to a word meaning “dive” in reference to its flight or from PIE *dʰewbʰ- (to whisk; smoke; make obscure). Dove is also the past tense of dive meaning “to plunge headfirst, especially in water; to insert or penetrate”. In spite of the fact that Dove is primarily used as a female name, it has had usage as a male name as well.

Dove is also an English surname which originated as a nickname for a peaceful or gentle person or an occupational name for someone who kept doves. As an Irish and Scottish surname it may have derived from dubh, an Irish word meaning “dark, black”; a variant spelling of it would be Duff.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



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