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Megumi is a Japanese unisex name (though far more popular for girls) with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used:

  • megumi 恵 “favor, benefit; blessing, grace, kindness” (恵);
  • megumi 愛 “love, affection” (愛);
  • megu 恵 “favor; blessing, grace, kindness” + mi 美 “beauty; beautiful” (恵美);
  • megu 旋 “rotation, go round” + mi 美 “beauty; beautiful” (旋美);
  • megu 寵 “affection; love” + mi 美 “beauty; beautiful” (寵美);
  • megu 巡 “go around; circumference” + mi 美 “beauty; beautiful” (巡美);
  • megu 廻 “round; game; revolve; go around; circumference” + mi 美 “beauty; beautiful” (廻美);
  • megu 斡 “go around; rule; administer” + mi 美 “beauty; beautiful” (斡美);
  • megu  “favor; blessing; grace; kindness” + umi  “sea, ocean” (恵海) *used for males*

There are likely other meanings depending on the kanji used. Written in hiragana it’s    めぐみMegu can also be used as a given name on its own.

Origin: Japanese




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