Toni is often used as a short form of Antonia or Antoinette, the feminine form of Antonius, an Ancient Roman family name of uncertain origin and meaning which seems to be derived from an Etruscan origin. I’ve seen some sources cite it as possibly having  Greek roots, possibly meaning “priceless one” or it could be derived from Latin antius meaning “chief, leader”; it could also be related to the town of Antium in Latium, or Latin ante meaning “before”, perhaps referring to a premature child.

Toni is also a Finnish male name, a short form of Anttoni, the Finnish form of Anthony, and a Croatian short form of Antun (the Croatian short form of Anthony as well).

Origin: Etruscan



  • Tonee (English)


Male forms:

  • Tony (English, Italian)
  • Tonee (English)


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