Randi is primarily a feminine spelling of Randy though it’s been used for men as well. Randy is a short form of Randall which derives from Germanic name Randolf meaning “shield of a wolf” or “wolf’s shield” from Germanic elements rand (rim ‘of a shield’) and wulf (wolf). I’ve also seen it listed as a nickname for Mirandaa female name derived from Latin mirandus meaning “admirable, wonderful” from Latin mīrus (wonderful, marvelous, amazing) derived from PIE *sméyros (laughing, smiling) from root word *smey- (to laugh, to be glad). Randi is also a Modern Norwegian form of Ragnfrid from Old Norse Ragnfríðr, an female given name meaning “advice, counsel + beautiful” from regin (advice, counsel) and fríðr (beautiful, lovely, fair).

Randi is also an English surname which might be derived from given name Randall but I’m not sure.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Randy (English)
  • Ragnfrid (Norwegian, Swedish)
  • Ragnfríðr (Ancient Scandinavian)


Male forms:

  • Randy (English
  • Randall (English)
  • Randolf (English)
  • Randulf (Ancient Germanic)


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