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Gus is often used as a short form of names such as:

  •  August, derived from Augustus meaning “great”, “venerable”, “majestic”;
  • Gustavo (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian) and Gustav (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German) both deriving from Slavic Gostislav meaning “guest glory” from Proto-Slavic *gȏstь (guest) and slava (glory);
  • Angus, the anglicized form of Scottish Aonghus either meaning “one choice” or “one strength, vigor, force”; the first element of the name comes from Old Irish óen (one) via Proto-Celtic *oinos (one) derived from PIE *óynos (one; single), while the second element gus meaning “strength, vigor” from Proto-Celtic *gusti- derived from PIE *ǵews- (to choose; to taste). In irish mythology, Aengus is the god of love, youth, and poetic inspiration.
  • It’s also a Greek diminutive of Constantine which seems to be used primarily by Greek expatriates; it means “constant, steadfast”.

And there are likely other names from which the nickname Gus could derive from.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European




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