Morella is a female given name with several possible meanings and origins:

  • it was used by author Edgar Allan Poe for the eponymous character of his short story Morella (1835). There are several possible inspirations for Poe’s character’s name: he could have derived it from Latin mors meaning “death” with the diminutive suffix -ella;
  • Morella is also the name of an ancient walled city in Castellón, Spain; it was originally named Maurela by the Moors, who seem to have named it based on the country of Mauritania which derived its name from Latin mauros meaning “black, dark”;
  • It could also be the feminine form of Morello, a diminutive of mauros;
  • Morella is also the Italian word for black nightshade as well as being an Italian surname derived from maurus as well.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



Male forms:

  • Morello (Italian)


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