Eunjung is a Korean female name with a variety of meanings depending on the hangul used such as:

  • () eun “grace, favor, charity” + (廷) jeong “court”;
  • 은 (恩) eun  “grace, favor, charity” +정 (婷) jeong “pretty, graceful”;
  • 은 (慇) eun “careful, attentive; abundance” + 정 (婷) jeong “pretty, graceful”
  • 은 (銀) eun “silver (as in money)” +정 (婷) jeong “pretty, graceful”;
  • (慇) eun “careful, attentive; abundance” + 정 (晶) jeong “bright; radiant”

There are likely other meanings depending on the hanja used.

Origin: Korean




  • Eun-jung
  • Eun-jeong
  • Eunjeong
  • Un-jong


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