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Tank is an English male given name derived from the English word tank which can refer to the armored vehicle used for combat or for a container or receptacle used for hilding or storing liquids or gas, as well as also being a verb meaning to do poorly or fail. The origin of the word comes from Portuguese tanque which either derives from an Indian origin such as Gujarati tankh or from Marathi meaning “cistern, underground reservoir” which may be derived from Sanskrit tadaga (pond, lake pool); or tanque may be a shortened form of Portuguese word estancar meaning “to staunch, detain, to hold back” from Latin stagnum (pond, swamp, fen; any piece of standing water) derived from a PIE root word. Tank is also an Indian surname, perhaps derived from the origin above; it’s also a North German and Frisian surname originally derived as a pet form of Thancmar, an Ancient Germanic name meaning “famous thought” from Germanic elements thank (thought) and meri (famous).

Origin: Sanskrit, Proto-Indo-European



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