Cress is the name of various species of plants with pungent edible leaves such as garden cress, watercress, or winter cress. The name comes from Old English cressa via Middle Low German kerse from Proto-Germanic *krasjon-, deriving from Proto-Indo-European root *gras- (to devour). Cress is also a nickname for names beginning with Cress- such as Cressida (a medieval form of Chryseis, an Ancient Greek female name meaning “gold, golden”) or Crescent, referring to the shape of the moon as it curves at both ends during the first and last quarters; the name comes from Latin crescere meaning “to grow, increase, expand; to grow, cultivate” derived from PIE *ḱer- (to grow, increase). Cress is also a surname, the anglicized form of German surname Kress

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



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